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PCI PC Watchdog  

Keeping your computers running 24/7 is a reality

Our PC WatchdogTM timer products are designed to keep your computers/PC running continuously. Especially those that are unattended or in remote locations such as kiosks, servers, telcom, security, video surveillance, or medical systems. At some point, if you need to keep a computer running 24/7, it will eventually lockup or malfunction due to some of the following reasons:
  • The hardware will freeze (typically from a power glitch).
  • The OS will crash - AKA: The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
  • A video or other device driver malfunctions
  • Your application program stops or crashes
Our products are designed to recognize this event and reset the computer, just the same as if the reset button was pushed. They can even reboot (reset) a PC without a reset button with our ATX Reset Adapter

Some benefits of adding an OS watchdog timer to your computer:
  • Prevent loss of sales due to locked up computer/PC.
  • Save costs of dispatching a tech to remote locations to reset/reboot frozen PC.
  • Improve the up-time of test, measurement and surveillance type systems.
  • Keep your customers happy with reduced downtime.


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