ATX-20 Reset Adapter

ATX-20 Reset Adapter
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The ATX-20 is the reset adaptor you need for older PCs. In most cases they have been superceeded by the ATX-24 type connector. You will need to verify your particular brand of PC to see if it meets the ATX-20 specification. You can compare the connectors and wire colors in your PC against the colors listed in the table below.


ATX-20 Pinouts

Pin Signal Wire Color Pin Signal Wire Color
1 +3.3V Orange 11 +3.3VDC
(+3.3V Sense)
2 +3.3V Orange 12 -12V Blue
3 COM (GND) Black 13 COM (GND) Black
4 +5.0V Red 14 Power On Green
5 COM (GND) Black 15 Com (GND) Black
6 +5.0V Red 16 COM (GND) Black
7 COM (GND) Black 17 COM(GND) Black
8 Power Good Gray 18 -5V1 White
9 +5V Standby Purple 19 +5V Red
10 +12V Yellow 20 +5V Red

Note 1: -5V is not included on newer ATX power supplies.

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