PCIe (Express) PC Watchdog w/PC Bracket Option

PCIe (Express) PC Watchdog w/PC Bracket Option
PCIe (Express) PC Watchdog w/PC Bracket Option PCIe (Express) PC Watchdog w/PC Bracket Option PCIe (Express) PC Watchdog w/PC Bracket Option
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This board installs in a PCIe 1X (or 4X, 8X & 16X) slot and monitors a PC for hardware/software lock-ups or computer malfunctions.


This board comes with a standard size PC bracket. Click the option above if you also want a Low-Profile type bracket

PCIe Express PC WatchdogTM Description

The PCIe PC Watchdog provides a solution to reboot PC file servers, telecom, security, kiosk, video surveillance, digital signage and industrial systems that occasionally lock up but must be available on a continuous basis. Increase your system availabilty and protect against unexpected downtime or blue screens (BSOD). 

The PCIe PC Watchdog timer ships with utility programs for control & "tickling" of the board. Sample source code and libraries are also provided in Visual "C" and Visual Basic to allow users to write their own applications to configure or "tickle" the board. Use the CD image download below to see the samples provided along with all the programmer's documentation. The PCIe PC Watchdog works works with Win 2K XP Vista Win7 Win 8 Win 10 Server2003 Server2008  (32 & 64 Bit Versions on all).

As well as functioning as a watchdog timer, the PCIe PC Watchdog board also provides additional user I/O on the DB-25 connector on the rear of the board. The I/O is configured by DIP switch options as well as user provided software.

The board meets the dimensions for the PCI MD1 (low-profile) specification for use with small PC cases. The board can be ordered with a low-profile bracket for use in a low-profile case or it can be ordered with a standard size bracket for regular PC cases.



  • Watchdog timer can be set for 5 seconds to 1 hour by DIP switch or 1 second to 18 hours via software control.
  • Can be used right from the box with supplied programs.
  • Has an on-board temperature sensor to detect fan failures or other over-temp conditions.
  • Has two temperature trip points for alerting.
  • Programmable option to allow the PC Watchdog to hold the PC in reset after the upper trip occurs.
  • Audible alarm for the temperature trip points.
  • The temperature trip points can be modified by user software.
  • Two externally visible LEDs show status of PC Watchdog.
  • Programmable power-on delay to allow the PC to complete its initialization sequence.
  • Non-Volatile memory to store operating parameters.
  • Eight bytes of non-volatile memory reserved for user data to implement simple software protection.
  • Two relays (DPDT - 2 form C) with contacts available on the DB-25 connector.
  • Relays can be set for 3-4 second pulse or continous latch on after a PC reset.
  • One relay can set for 3-4 second pulse or continous latch on after an overtemp.
  • Four (4) general-purpose digital inputs (TTL Level) on DB-25 connector.
  • Four (4) general-purpose digital outputs (TTL-OC Level) on DB-25 connector.
  • External digital input (TTL Level) to "tickle" the watchdog on DB-25 connector.
  • Single channel 8-Bit Analog input on DB-25 connector.
  • Support for PCs without a motherboard reset header available with: ATX-Reset-Adapter


What's Included

The PCIe PC Watchdog ships with the following:

  • The PCIe circuit board itself
  • a 22" (558mm) 2-conductor Reset cable
  • a CD with software



- This link is for the latest version of the PCIe Hardware Manual.
PCIe PC Watchdog PDF Manual

- This link is for the latest version of the Universal DLL Programmer's Manual which describes all the functions provided in the DLL for users who write their own application programs.
Universal DLL PDF Programmer's Manual

- This link is for the current version of the distribution CD that contains all the manuals, programs, drivers, and the sample software. This includes the sample "C" and VB.net code for those users who wish to write their own aps or want to incorporate watchdog support into their existing software.
Distribution CD Image File (ZIP File)


PC Watchdog® - is a registered trademark of Berkshire Products, Inc.

Watchdog Options
Bus Type PCIe Express 1X
Bracket Type Optional: Low-Profile for MD1/2 PC case or Standard
Power +3.3V - 50mA, +12V - 50mA
Digital Input 4 General Purpose - 5V max
Digital Output 4 General Purpose - Open Collector - 5V max
Aux Relays 2 DPDT (2 form C) 24V - 1A max
Analog Input 1 8-bit 5V Max
External Trigger Input 1 External Trigger - 5V max

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