Wireless (XBee based) RF Digital IO Module

Wireless (XBee based)  RF Digital IO Module
Wireless (XBee based)  RF Digital IO Module
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The Remote 8 Port Digital I/O board is used with an XBee1 radio module to allow remote digital sensing and remote digital output control. These boards are designed to use very little power except when the radios are transmitting data.

The board can be used with the following types of XBee & XBeePro radios in Series 1 & 2 footprints:

  • DigiMesh2 2.4G
  • DigiMesh2 900MHz
  • 802.15.4
  • 900MHz
  • 868MHz
  • Zigbee
  • WiFi

Each input can accept up to +24VDC as a jumper selected fully isolated or partially opto-isolated input.

Each output is controlled by a fuse protected solid-state relay that can switch up to 1 Amp at 24V DC or AC.

Inputs and outputs are connected via spring loaded quick connects.

For best results we recommend that you use XBee radios with the RP-SMA antenna connector or the mini whip antenna. These will experience the least interference from the copper areas on the PCB. The XBee radios with chip and PCB antennas will still work but their range may be reduced.

The following links are for the board manual and a ZIP file with the Schematic and PCB layout files:

Note: The board can be ordered without input Opto-Couplers or the Opto-MOS relays. Please contact us for pricing and availability. The board can be upgraded by the end user by adding the appropriate ICs. Please download the manual for more information.

Pictures Note: Some pictures show the IO Modules with XBee radios attached for illustrative purposes only. XBee radios are not included and should be purchased from a vendor like Mouser or Digi-Key.

Note 1: XBee is a registered trademark of Digi International Inc.

Note 2: DigiMesh is a registered trademark of Digi International Inc.


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